critique worksheet

Newspaper Art Review                                                                Name:

How to Critique Artwork
FAS – Visual Arts, Bartelson

1) Name of publication _______________________________

2) Date of article ____________________________________

3) Author ___________________________________________

4) What is this article about? What type of art work is the author reviewing?

5) List descriptive adjectives the author uses to explain the work.
a. _______________________________
b. _______________________________
c. _______________________________
d. _______________________________
e. _______________________________
f. _______________________________
g. _______________________________
h. _______________________________
i. _______________________________

6) What does the artwork mean? Discuss mood, message, or symbolism in the work?

7) What is the author’s opinion, or judgment, about this art work? Be specific.

8) How does he/she justify their judgment? Give specific examples from the reading including the ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES of art.

a. ____________________________________________________________

b. ____________________________________________________________

9) Write down one question you have for the artist or author related to this review.