paper sculptures!

SCLUPTURE:Create a 3D sculpture inspired by a song, play, art, or movement from this class - drama, dance, music, or art. Be creative exploring texture, form, space, shape, rythym, balance, & ephasis in your design.

FINAL EXAM GRADE: Verbally present your sculpture's inspiration, line drawing, & one thing you learned in Fine Art Survey at 10:54am for your final exam grade.

Research & Studio:
1. Click links to view paper relief sculpture gallery  view 3D sculpture gallery
2. Consider work by  Mark Jenkins, Tony Fitzpatrick, Banksy, Alexander Calder, and M.C. Escher & more to inspire the message and aesthetic of your design.

3. Draw out the small original paper design you want to create on handout.

4. You may print out images from the internet, reference books, & student examples for ideas!
Mark Jenkins

Tony Fitzpatrick


MC Escher

Alexander Calder - Mobiles